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Looking for Child Tax Helpline? Call 0844 043 3960

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Call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960

Call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960

Tax credits are tax incentives provided by the United Kingdom government, entitling certain people to a reduced tax bill. In the United Kingdom, tax credits are paid directly into your bank account, either weekly or every 4 weeks. There are two forms of tax credits that UK residents can apply for: working tax credits and child tax credits. If you have a question for the tax credit department, you can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 to speak to their helpline. You are not able to claim universal credit and tax credits at the same time.

Working tax credits are available to people with a paid job that work enough hours a week and have a yearly income below a certain figure. You can find more information on working tax credits by scrolling down to the working tax credit section below. Call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 if you have a question about applying for working tax credit.

Child tax credits are available to anyone responsible for a child that is either under the age of 16 or under the age of 20 and currently in approved training or education. We provide more information about child tax credit below, simply scroll down to the correct section. If you need to discuss child tax credit, you can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960.

Do I qualify for Tax Credits?

Here are the specific details of eligibility for tax credits:

You can make a claim if you are aged 25 or over.

If you are aged 16 – 24 and care for a child or have a qualifying disability you may be eligible.

You must be a UK resident, or a Crown Servant posted overseas.

You must work 16 hours or more each week. This can include a total number of hours from multiple jobs and, if you only work during school term time, includes your usual working hours. If you receive a disability or sickness benefit and have no partner and your income is below £18,000 per year, you may qualify. If you are aged 60 or over and have no partner, you can apply for working tax credit if your income is less than £11,100. You can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 if none of this makes sense and you would like to apply.

If you do have a partner, the income cap for people aged 60 or over is £16,000. If you are aged over 25 and have no disability and have a partner, you and your partner must work over 30 hours each week and have an income of £18,000 or less.

If you have a child under the age of 16, or under the age of 20 and they are in approved education or training, you are able to apply for tax credits if your household income is less than £26,100. If you have 2 children, this income cap rises to £32,900.

As you can tell, there are a number of different factors to stay aware of, making the application process a little bit confusing. If you are still unsure of whether you qualify for working tax credits, you can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 or you can use the do I qualify tool on the Tax Credit GOV.UK website.

How much will I receive? Call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960

Depending on your circumstances, you receive a different amount of tax credits. HMRC provide a Tax Credits Calculator on their website, allowing users to receive a rough estimate or how much they will receive. The basic amount of working tax credit is £1960, though you may be entitled to more based on your household income and your disability/parental situation. Child tax credit is paid based on the number of children you care for that qualify and your household income and disability circumstances.

The following figures are the amounts of working tax credit you can receive. If you are a couple applying together, you can receive up to £2010 per year, the same figure is available to single parents. If you work at least 30 hours per week, the amount is £810. If you have a disability, the figure is £2970. If you have a severe disability, the amount is £1275. This figure is lower as it is paid on top of your disability payment. You can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 for more information on applying if you have a severe disability. If you pay for approved childcare the amount is £122.50 for one child and £210 for two or more children, paid each week. Tax credits are paid into your bank account; if you’re a couple then you must select a single bank account for the funds to be paid to. The previous figures are maximum amounts, you may well receive less than the stated amount.

Working tax credits? Call Working Tax Credits on 0844 043 3961

Working tax credits are a government incentive available to anyone with a paid job, working an amount of hours per week and with an income below a certain level. If you are currently a working tax credit claimant and need to discuss an issue with the tax credit department, you can call Working Tax Credits on 0844 043 3961.

You are able to receive working tax credits for periods of time when you are out of work. If you lose your job or choose to leave, you can receive 4 weeks of tax credits. For the first 39 weeks of maternity and adoption leave, you can receive tax credits. You can receive tax credits for the period of your paternity leave. If you receive additional paternity leave, you can receive tax credits up to the equivalent 39th week of your partner’s leave. If this sounds confusing, you can call Working Tax Credits on 0844 043 3961 for a more detailed explanation. If you are on sick leave, you can receive tax credits for 28 days, 10 days for workers on strike and for 4 weeks if you are laid off. If you are suspended, recipients will typically receive working tax credits for the period of the suspension.

Child tax credits? Call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960

Child tax credit provides you with money for each child that qualifies. When applying for Child Tax Credits, you are able to apply for extra tax credits to cover your childcare costs, provided you are eligible of course. When completing this application you will need to tell the Tax credits department how much your childcare costs are. To figure out what your childcare costs are, in the eyes of the tax credit department, use the tax credit department’s online tool.

You are not able to include childcare payments from your employer, any childcare vouchers you receive in exchange for lower pay, payments or grants from government scheme or costs from an educational or local authority, such as free nursery education. For further information on calculating your childcare costs and to find out how to notify the tax credit department of a change to your circumstances, call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960.

Applying for Tax credits? Call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960

What you need to apply

When applying for tax credits, both for working and child tax credits, you will need a number of important details. When you ring Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 to apply, you will be asked for your national insurance number, your income from the previous tax year, information on any benefits you receive and information on any childcare payments that you make.

It can take up to 5 weeks for the Tax Credit department to process your application. Please note that application must be renewed each year if you want to continue claiming tax credits. You can order an application form by using the online order tool or by calling Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960. It normally takes around 2 weeks for application forms to arrive. This means a tax credit application takes, on average, 7 weeks to be completed, assuming you complete and post the form on the same day you receive it.

When you have received your tax credit form, complete it and send it to the address on the form. If you are currently claiming benefits you can hand in your tax credit form at a Jobcentre Plus or a Social Security Office if you reside in Northern Ireland. Be careful when completing your application as you may be charged up to £3000 if you fill in the form with incorrect information. If you have intentionally committed fraud, or your application clearly shows that you did not take enough care when filling it in, you could be fined. If you have made a mistake but took care with the rest of your form, you will not be penalised. You can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 if you have received a fine and would like to make a complaint as you do not believe you deserve a fine. If you need assistance to complete the form, you can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 for information, or you can visit the Citizens Advice Bureau’s website.

You can select an appointee or someone can apply for authorisation to apply for tax credit on your behalf. This is particularly useful if someone is severely disabled or are mentally unable to apply for tax credits. To apply on someone’s behalf, you must complete a TC689 form and have it signed by the person you are applying for. Authorisation lasts for 12 months. If you want to become an appointee, you must complete the tax credit claim form section about appointees. This section explains why the claimant cannot complete and sign the form. You will need to be aged 18 or over and have a bank account. The Tax Credit department may contact you for further information before your appointee application is accepted. You can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 for additional information.

As an appointee, you will sign the application form, be in charge of renewing their tax credits claim, report any changes that will affect their claim and tell the tax credit department if you are no longer the appointee. Tax credits will be paid into the appointee’s bank account. If you need to stop being the appointee, write to the tax credit within 1 month of when you want to stop. You can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 for further information on who to write to and what it entails to be an appointee.

Call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 for information on renewing your tax credit claim

Tax credits applications must be renewed each year. When you are approaching your renewal date, the tax credit office will send you a renewal pack that tells you all about renewing your tax credit application. If your renewal pack has a red line across the first page you will need to send the tax credit department a reply. Your renewal package will include a financial statement detailing the money that you must pay back. You will start receiving tax credits again if you post your renewal form within 30 days of receiving the statement. The tax credit department will then pay any tax credits that you would have received within the end of your claim to renewal period, meaning you shouldn’t miss out on any payments. If you are wondering why you have to make repayments, you can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 to discuss the charges.

If your form has the code TC 603 R on it, your tax credits will be automatically renewed. Make sure to check the form carefully, just to make sure that all the information is correct. If you spot a mistake, call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 to notify them of the error. 8 weeks after receiving your renewal, the Tax Credit office will send a letter letting your know how much you will receive.

Call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 to report a change to your circumstances

If something in your life that affects your tax credit application has changed, for example your income, how many children you have or whether you live alone or with your partner, you must report the change to the Tax Credits department. Failure to do so will result in charges and the cancellation of your tax credits. You can call Child Tax Helpline on 0844 043 3960 to find out how to report changes to your circumstances.

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