Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

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Feb 19

Looking for Find EE Shop? Call 0843 509 2599

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more

Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

EE are a mobile network and internet provider, operating in the United Kingdom, in addition to a number of other countries. Owned by the BT Group, EE are the largest mobile network provider in the United Kingdom, with around 28 million customers across the country. EE began in 2010 as a merger between T-Mobile and Orange, since then the company have aimed to introduce high speed 4G internet connections to every corner of the UK. Currently, EE’s 4G network reaches more than 95% of the United Kingdom’s population, with the 3G network reaching 98%. If you have had an issue with your EE mobile or internet service, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 to speak to a member of their customer service team. Their support staff will be able to solve a range of problems, such as inability to connect to the network, issues with billing and payment and upgrading your mobile phone if your contract upgrade is due.

EE offer mobile and internet provision for personal and for business use. Whichever form of EE coverage you use, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 to solve the issue you have had with their service. This guide will run through the various services offered by EE, both for home and corporate use. This includes mobile contracts, pay as you go SIM cards, tablet and mobile broadband, and home broadband.

EE mobile contracts, call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

There are a wide range of different mobile contracts offered by EE, each one designed to suit a different customer need. Customers are able to order a monthly contract that includes a phone, though you can also select a SIM only monthly package.

Contracts that include a phone

If you would like to receive a phone with your monthly contract, you can select one of EE’s numerous packages. Prices differ based on how many minutes, texts and GB of data you want to include in your monthly plan. There may also be an added cost based on which phone you select, with the newest (and therefore most expensive) phones including an upfront payment for the phone. The upfront payment varies in price, though it is rarely close to the full cost of the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. You can take a look at the various phones on offer by visiting the EE website and browsing the selection. Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 to speak to a member of their sales team if you would like to purchase a monthly plan that includes a mobile phone.

To save a little bit of money, customers can select used phones. EE elect to call these phones Good as New. If you have purchased one of these phones and it does not work, or is clearly not as good as new, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 to report the problem.

There are a range of different makes and models provided by EE, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and HTC. Having selected your dream phone, you will then need to select a monthly plan. The cost of your monthly tariff is dependent on how many free texts, minutes and data you want. Certain EE contracts will give you access to the EE double 4G network, apparently an incredibly quick mobile data roaming network. Other available benefits include the privilege to access free WiFi at over 100 London underground stations, the ability to use your phone as a tethering point. Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 if you would like to learn more about the different available tariffs.

Double speed 4G connection is not guaranteed across the country; there are certain areas that the double speed mobile internet has not been unveiled yet. If you have purchased a mobile plan with double speed under the impression that you would be able to access the double speed network when you would not be able to, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 to complain to a member of their helpline.

Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 about data limits

Delivery on EE contract phones is free and, according to the EE website, customers do not have to worry about exceeding their mobile data limit as EE will provide multiple warnings to customers that are approaching their data limit. Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 if you have been prevented from accessing their mobile data network, despite not having reached your limit.

Phone and tablet insurance, call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

If you would like to protect your phone from any damage, theft or loss that may occur as a result of your dramatic day-to-day life, you can purchase the EE full cover insurance plan, for a phone or a tablet. EE will be able to send a replacement phone the same day if your claim is accepted before 11am, or the next day if it is accepted later. You can also receive earlier mobile phone upgrades, protection from online viruses and backup for your contacts and apps. The majority of insurance claims require no paperwork and EE insurance covers you in every country across the world. Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 to purchase full cover phone or tablet insurance, to make a claim, or to report an undelivered replacement phone. Not every phone or tablet can be covered by EE full cover insurance, so make sure to check that your device is compatible before making the purchase.

How do I upgrade my phone? Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

If you are on a mobile included contract, upgrading your phone when it is due makes sure you get the best value for money from your monthly plan. It can be unclear whether you are due a mobile phone upgrade, seeing as the EE website is light on information about when phone upgrades are available. To find out if you are eligible, you can text UP to 150, or you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599. A customer service professional will be able to let you know when your upgrade is due, and what options you have should you want to upgrade.

Help! My phone is stolen or lost! Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

If your mobile phone has been stolen, or it is nowhere to be found, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 for a number of different forms of support. EE will be able to block your device, preventing it from being used on their network. If you select this option, you can also opt to set a password that will allow you to unlock your phone at a later date, should you find it or get it back from the thief. EE can send a replacement SIM card, at a cost of £10.21, which will allow you to continue making calls and sending texts. The cost of the replacement SIM will be added to your next bill, or taken from your account balance. If you log on to the My Account section of the EE website, you can view your most recently dialled numbers, letting you know if your phone has been used to make any phone calls after it went missing or was stolen.

Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 about SIM only contracts

SIM only contracts are available for customers that do not need a mobile phone included in their monthly plan. SIM only plans are cheaper than mobile plans as you are not paying extra for a mobile. Customers can select between 30 day and 12 month SIM only plans, depending on their personal preference. EE SIM cards can be used in any device, according to EE. If you have had an issue connecting your device to your new SIM card, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 for help. Their customer service team will be able to provide useful support over the phone.

If you have a pay monthly SIM only plan, you can opt to upgrade to a mobile included plan when three months have elapsed. If you have a 12 month contract, after six months you can receive £20 towards the cost of a new handset. To receive either of these upgrades, either text UP to 150, call 150, head to an EE store, or call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599.

SIM cards ordered on the SIM only plan are posted by second class mail, meaning they can take a few days to arrive following the order date. If you have not received your SIM card within a reasonable time period, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 to report the undelivered SIM card and to request a replacement item.

How do I keep my contacts when I get a new phone? Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 for help

When you purchase a new phone, you’ll will want to save your contacts, to prevent losing important numbers, or to save you from having to post one of those annoying Facebook updates saying new phone guys, please send your numbers to this number. If you would like to transfer your mobile phone contacts, you can find out how by visiting this helpful page. Instructions differ depending on the make of phone you own, making it a little too time and space consuming to explain each of the various transfer methods available. Alternatively, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 for assistance when swapping your contacts over.

Home broadband? Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

In addition to offering mobile network coverage, EE offer home and business broadband to customers in the United Kingdom. There are a number of different broadband options available, each one offering different landline offers alongside internet access. Potential customers can choose from three different download speeds, 17MB/sec, 38MB/sec and 76MB/sec. After choosing between these broadband options, you’ll need to select between whether you want weekend calls only, anytime landline and mobile calls, or the international extra package, an option that allows you to call other landlines in 52 other countries including India, South Africa and Wales. For more information on these options, call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599.

All broadband packages give customers unlimited downloads, though the differences start to stack up afterwards. The differences, aside from which download speed you select, are all based on your phone call package. These include international packages, midweek calls and mobile phone calls. All options give you access to the Bright Box router, a flash piece of kit. To purchase a package, call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599.

4GEE pay monthly customers can increase their mobile data allowance by selecting a broadband plan that takes their monthly payment above £46. To sign up to this deal, call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599. This offer is only available on 12-month SIM only packages that cost £19.99 or more, or on pay monthly handset plans.

Switching to EE broadband? Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599

EE aim to make the broadband switching process easy, in order to prevent customers being put off by an annoying installation process. If you are interested in switching your telephone and broadband service provider to EE, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 for further information.

If you are switching from BT, EE provide a number of different services. They will contact BT and cancel your current deal, saving you from calling BT. EE state that installation takes at most 10 days, often less. Call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 if you are a BT customer and would like to switch, call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 for additional details on how you can switch your service provider.

You may need a new phone line if you are switching to EE. If you are a Virgin Media customer, or you are a current EE customer and are moving to a new house or office, you will probably need to book an appointment with an EE engineer. Once you have selected a broadband package, you will be asked to book an appointment. The cost of the appointment will be added to your first bill. If you would like to complain that the engineer never turned up, or another issue with the appointment, you can call Find EE Shop on 0843 509 2599 to speak to their customer service team.

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