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Jan 12

Looking for Hastings Direct.Com? Call 0843 504 7327

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more

call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327

Why call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327?

There are lots of reasons customers (both new and existing) have for needing to contact Hastings Direct, for example from requesting a quotation, making an insurance claim and changing personal details to requesting proof of no claims bonuses and obtaining essential insurance documentation. Thankfully calling Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 will connect you with the person you need to speak to – quickly.

Car, van, bike or home insurance, whatever you need, Hastings Direct has an extensive portfolio of cover packages available. Established back in 1997, Hastings Direct has steadily become a household name in insurance, providing a host of car, van, bike and home cover options. To find out what Hastings Direct can do for you simply call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327.

Lines are open:

From 8am until 9pm on a Monday to Friday

From 9am until 5.30pm on a Saturday

From 10 until 5 on a Sunday

24-hours a day, 7-days a week

Making a claim to Hastings Direct.Com

Unfortunately accidents do happen and this can result in having to make an insurance claim. Thankfully, making your Hastings Direct insurance claim is straightforward to do. Lines are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for your convenience.

Having the right information to hand prior to calling should help to speed your Hastings Direct insurance claim. You will need:

· Your Hastings Direct policy or reference 0843 504 7327 (usually located on relevant documentation)

· Incident details i.e. date, time & location

· Relevant evidence e.g. photographs

· Contact details of all parties involved including names, addresses, phone 0843 504 7327s and vehicle registration details (in cases of motor incidents)

Depending on which type of claim you are making can influence what kind of information is required. For your convenience we have outlined any additional details you may need for each claim.

Important aspects to remember when calling Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327

There are many ways in which to ensure your claim runs a little more smoothly. Here are just some useful aspects to consider:

1. It is best not admit that you are responsible, to make any offer or to promise payment without written permission from your insurer.

2. Please send your insurer written details as soon as possible after any accident, injury, loss or damage. Make sure to include any correspondence received from a third party.

3. It is essential to send your insurer any letters or other associated communication as soon as you receive it from anyone else involved. Doing this before answering such correspondence is advisable.

4. Immediately inform your insurer about any associated prosecution, coroner's inquest or fatal accident inquiry involving anyone covered by this insurance.

5. Provide your insurer with all the information Hastings Direct will need to ensure we deal with your claim. It is important to do this as quickly as possible.

Insurances quotes from Hastings Direct.Com

Obtaining an insurance quotation from Hastings Direct is thankfully straightforward and can be done online or over the phone. Having some basic information to hand can help to give a more accurate and speedy quotation.

Vehicle insurance quotations – you will need your vehicle registration, plus your vehicle make and model details. It is also useful to know when your next MOT is due. If you require motorbike cover it is also beneficial to know:

· Your registration 0843 504 7327

· Details of any tracking devices

· The bike’s value and any accessories

· Bike’s purchase date or details of the bike’s legal owner

· Are you the registered keeper of the bike?

· Details of overnight storage

· Intention of riding pillion or not

Home insurance quotations (home, contents or combined policies) – please note that it is useful to know when your renewal is due.

Van insurance quotations – it is important to have the van’s registration 0843 504 7327 and details of if it is ‘Q plated’. The following details are also beneficial to have prepared:

· Is the van fitted with the tracker?

· Is the van sign written?

· Vehicle usage e.g. transport, haulage etc

· The van’s value

· Average annual mileage

· Purchase date

· Overnight storage information

· Whether the van is kept at a domestic property

· If the van is right or left-hand drive

· Details of the van’s registered keeper

Retrieving an insurance quote from Hastings Direct.Com

Already arranged an insurance quotation but can’t find the details? It is possible to recovery your details online via Alternatively, simply call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 to speak to a member of their dedicated team.

Your Hastings Direct account

It is possible to manage your Hastings Direct account online at Once on their site you can update details, arrange payments and more – all with one quick click.

Despite easy and convenient, online account management it is often preferable to speak to a member of the Hastings Direct team. Thankfully, calling Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 will connect you with the right advisor at the right time.

Registering for your online Hastings Direct account

If you would like to use Hastings Direct online account management you must first have a policy in place. Once this is done, you can register for the service using the email address and name identical to those on your policy documents. Please note, it can commonly take up to 2 hours for any new documentation to reach your Hastings Direct account.

Want to leave Hastings Direct? Call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327

If you wish to leave Hastings Direct in favour of another provider there may be a cancellation fee issued. The cancellation team is available via calling Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327, and will be glad to answer any queries from 9am until 9pm on a Monday to Friday, 9am until 5.30pm on a Saturday and from 10am until 5pm on a Sunday. Please note that there is also a live chat facility available at

Hastings Direct complaints procedures

Unfortunately there may be times when Hastings Direct do not quite live up to expectation – resulting in the need to raise a complaint. It is possible to air your complaint via the Hastings Direct website, where you will find a convenient complaints form. However you could also write to:

Customer Relations Department,
Hastings Direct,
Conquest House,
Collington Avenue,
East Sussex,
TN39 3LW

If you prefer to discuss your complaint please call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 where your call will be connected – quickly.

Please note that complaints can also be emailed to

The next step - what can you expect?

Hastings Direct suggest that they will normally respond (in writing) within 1 working day, however it should take no longer than 5 working days. A dedicated Hastings Direct advisor will usually be assigned to your case and should be stated in the initial correspondence.

Obviously, some complaints are more complex in nature and therefore may take longer to resolve. It is suggested that the majority of complaints will be sorted within 4 weeks and if not, you will (as Hastings Direct suggest) be kept informed of all developments.

Still dissatisfied?

If after 8 weeks you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your Hastings Direct complaint it is possible to contact an ombudsman. You can do this by simply writing to:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
Harbour Exchange Square
E14 9GE

Or by emailing your details to

Hastings Direct.Com FAQs

Various questions arise especially when choosing the right insurance or when making an insurance claim with Hastings Direct. Although you may wish to call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 provided, we have listed some common raised queries. This may help to address any urgent questions you have in the meantime.

Q. I need to make changes to my car insurance, will I be charged?

A. There are sometimes costs involved but they are rarely more than £25 – depending on the individual circumstances. Lines are open from 9am until 9pm on a Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5.30pm on a Saturday and from 10am until 5pm on a Sunday.

Q. How do I make a claim for a broken windscreen?

A. Simply check the right-hand corner of your insurance document where you will find the reference 0843 504 7327 required. Claims can then be made online or by calling Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 provided.

Q. I am struggling to make my insurance payments, what should I do?

A. It is important to talk about your situation via calling Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 – a member of their dedicated team will do all they can to help. Remember, there are other debt support organisations on hand to offer up-to-the-minute advice as listed below:

National Debtline

StepChange Debt Charity:

Citizens Advice Bureau

Money Advice

Q. I am moving home and need home and contents insurance – do I need to exchange contracts first?

A. Yes. Once your contract has been exchanged, it is then possible to apply for Hastings Direct Home Insurance – either online or over the phone.

Q. What exactly does ‘excess’ mean?

A. Quite simply, ‘excess’ is the amount you pay when making a claim – this amount can vary between policies. Two types of excess are usually available, these are as follows:

1. Compulsory Excess - the amount set by your insurer.

2. Voluntary Excess – the amount you choose to pay (typically at the start of your insurance policy).

Please note that not all Hastings Direct insurance packages have a compulsory excess attached – why not ask for details?

Young & inexperienced driver excess with Hastings Direct.Com

This specific ‘excess’ relates to drivers under the age of 25 years old, those holding a provisional licence or drivers with under one year’s experience on the road. Please refer to the Hastings Direct website or call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 for details of current excess amounts.

Q. My pet has just been to the vet. How do I settle the bill?

A Hastings Direct insurance payments can be made to the policy holder or to the actual veterinary surgery. There are different options available including BACS payments, cheque and direct payment. Please do not hesitate to request the most suitable method for you.

Q. Do you offer ‘tools in transit’ insurance?

A. Reassuringly, Hastings Direct do offer tool insurance designed as they say, to insure against loss, damage and theft. Loading, carrying, temporarily houses or simply being unloaded from your vehicle – most eventualities tend to be covered. Calling Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 is all you need, whether you are making a claim, requesting a quote or updating your personal details.

Payments with Hastings Direct.Com

Due to the personal nature of insurance payments, customers often prefer to contact Hastings Direct over the phone. In the meantime, we have listed some basic information for you to refer to.

It is useful to know:

· When changing your payment card details, all that is required is a quick call to the Hastings Direct team via calling Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327.

· Direct debit amounts can change to accommodate your policy payments, however the annual cost must be covered over 12 months.

· Credit checks are required by Hastings Direct – this is to ensure new customers are able to make their routine payments. Thankfully Hastings Direct only leave a soft footprint and so should not influence the decision of any future lenders. However, should you decide to take out a policy with Hastings Direct (& choose to pay by direct debit), this will often become a hard footprint and so may affect the opinion of other lenders.

· Changing your direct debit date with Hastings Direct is straightforward. Simply click online or dial Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327 – lines are open from 8am until 9pm on a Monday to Friday, 9am until 5.30pm on a Saturday and from 10am until 5pm on a Sunday when a dedicated advisor will handle your enquiry.

· Reassuringly your payment details are secure when using the internet as Hastings Direct tend to use industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption technology.

· IPT is short for Insurance Premium Tax and is payable on all UK insurance premiums. IPT is generally set by the government and not the insurance company.

However, if you would prefer to speak to an advisor please do not hesitate to call Hastings Direct.Com on 0843 504 7327.

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