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Looking for Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number? Call 0844 043 3957

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Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 770 7461

Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957

Hermes are a German delivery company, providing courier services in Central Europe, China, Russia and, most importantly, the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom alone, Hermes process around 200 million parcels each year. This is mainly due to Hermes being the delivery company for a number of major brands, including ASOS, Tesco and John Lewis. In addition to their courier service, Hermes own MyHermes, a business that offers delivery and collection for SMEs. You can choose doorstep collection or drop packages off at a MyHermes ParcelShop, these ParcelShops are usually found in supermarkets, petrol stations and large shopping malls. Whether you are using Hermes to send a parcel or they are the delivery company used by a business you have purchased a product from, you can call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to speak to a member of their customer service team to solve any issue you may have had. This short guide will explain the various services provided by Hermes and how you can solve the most common issues. Frequent customer complaints can include undelivered parcels, packages sent to the wrong address and errors with pricing and billing. If you have experienced any of these issues, either read on or call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957.

Phone Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to get help when you send a parcel

The primary reason to directly use Hermes is to send a package through their service. Whether you are sending a birthday present to a long lost cousin, someone has purchased a product from your business, or you are sending your ex all the CDs they left at your house, you can use Hermes to complete the delivery. Currently, parcel delivery prices start at £2.60, though prices may change as time ticks away. Prices vary based on a number of factors, such as the weight of your parcel, the location you are sending it to and the delivery option you choose. Weight can vary from under 1kg to 15kg, with 5 categories that will decide the price of your delivery cost. A printer is necessary to send parcels as you will be required to print a parcel label that applies to Hermes.

Parcel size limits when using Hermes

The maximum length of your parcel must not exceed 120cm. Hermes also advise customers that they cannot deliver parcels with a volume greater than 225cm. To calculate the volume, Hermes state that you should add the two shortest dimensions (from width, length and height) and multiply the result by two, then add the length. This method may seem unfamiliar for anyone who studied basic mathematics, though as it is the official Hermes method it may be better to do it their way. If you are uncertain of the weight of your parcel, it is a good idea to weigh your parcel before taking it to a ParcelShop. To weigh your parcel, simply use a set of bathroom scales. As the maximum weight limit for a parcel is 15kg, household scales should be sufficient as they are used to weigh people. The average weight of a person in the UK is 76.9kg, so they should manage a 15kg parcel. If this method is not possible, you can visit the Hermes website for their parcel size weight guide, in which they show a series of images of items that will help you guess how heavy your parcel is. For further information, call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957.

Has your parcel been refused? Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957

There are certain regulations that are in place to ensure your parcel is delivered in the best condition possible. There are further regulations that prevent certain items being delivered by Hermes, mainly for safety reasons.

Hermes packaging dos and don’ts

When sending a parcel with Hermes, there are a number of packaging problems to consider. You need to use a high quality box, to prevent damage to your contents. Also use protective material inside the box to prevent damage, this could be polystyrene, shredded paper or, everyone’s favourite, bubble wrap. Corrugated cardboard boxes tend to be the most useful as they provide a high strength material to protect your contents. Make sure you use strong tape to hold the box together. If you are sending a round item, such as a map of the world or blueprints of a bank, send them in a triangular box rather than a cylindrical box. While the shape may seem illogical, a triangular shape prevents the item from rolling around in the back of a delivery van. Use a Jiffy bag if you are sending a small item, such as a CD or a book, and use dividers if you are sending thin, flat items, such as your vinyl collection. If you are doing your bit for the environment by reusing a box, be sure to remove all the old labels to prevent an address mix up. Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 if you have an issue with any of these pieces of advice or require further instruction before sending your parcel.

Hermes advise customers not to send stylish packaging through their delivery service. Ribbons and bows may look nice, but they can easily become damaged during the shipping process. If you are intent on wrapping your item to look nice, you could send the wrapped box by placing it in a larger box. Hermes also suggest that customers do not label items fragile in place of careful and protective packaging. By all means, label your parcel as fragile, but make sure you have taken all the necessary measures to prevent damage, such as bubble wrapping the item and placing it in a box that will not allow it to move around. If you have taken all the expected precautions and your fragile goods still arrived in a damaged state, call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to complain and solve the issue. Not every type of item is covered by Hermes’ insurance policy.

What am I not allowed to send when using Hermes?

Hermes divide items into three categories. Items are either allowed, excluded from insurance and prohibited. Items that are excluded include liquids, poorly packaged goods, china, furniture, certain documents, musical instruments, electronics, glass, jewellery and strapped items. Prohibited items include live animals, batteries, explosives, drugs, “filth,” fragrance, vehicle parts, sharp items, weaponry and paint. For a full list of excluded and prohibited items, follow this link to a section of the Hermes website. Items that are prohibited will be disposed of when discovered. The authorities may also be involved depending on the legal status of the items sent. You are also not allowed to write that your parcel is delivered On Her Majesty’s Service. If you are unsure whether your parcel can be delivered, call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 and get an answer, though do check the list of prohibited and excluded items first.

Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to discuss international parcel delivery

Hermes, in addition to domestic delivery, also provide customers with international delivery options to a vast array of different countries across the world. Prices differ based on which country you are sending a parcel to, with countries further away generally costing more. Popular delivery destinations include the Republic of Ireland, Belgium and the United States of America. Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to discuss the rules on what is accepted on international parcels if you are uncertain of the legality of the item you wish to send to another nation. Please note that parcels sent to Spain can only be delivered to the mainland areas, not to the various islands that surround Spain. To send a parcel on an international trip, you can visit a nearby ParcelShop and, once the payment is made and your package is accepted, it will be processed and sent. You are able to track your parcel by visiting the international section of the Hermes website and entering the barcode or receipt number.

How do I find a Hermes ParcelShop?

If you do not know where your nearest Hermes ParcelShop is, you can use the find a ParcelShop tool on the Hermes website. Simply enter your postcode or town of residence and the tool will show you where to find a local ParcelShop.

What even is a Hermes ParcelShop?

A ParcelShop is a place to drop off your package. You can also arrange for Hermes to collect your parcel from a specified address, but if you won’t be in or cannot leave the parcel in a safe place, use a ParcelShop to send the item. At a ParcelShop, you can get a delivery cost quote, print off any necessary labels and register as a Hermes user. From a ParcelShop, Hermes try to deliver your package within two working days. If your package is yet to be delivered and more than two working days have elapsed, you can call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to find out where your package is and to complain about the slow delivery speed.

Looking to use Hermes as an eBay or Amazon seller? Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957

If you sell products, either new or used, on eBay or Amazon, you can link your account with Hermes. This allows you to easily arrange delivery of your items whenever a customer makes an order. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have a courier collect the parcel from your house or business’ building, or you can send your parcel from a nearby ParcelShop. When using Hermes as an Amazon or eBay seller, your parcels can be tracked and you entitled to £25 compensation in the event of error. You can also request that your parcels must be signed for upon delivery. If you are in need of compensation following an issue with delivery, call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to discuss the error and reach a solution. You can import orders made on eBay or Amazon to your Hermes account, allowing you to easily process the order. Hermes offer different types of delivery, based on the shopping site’s options. You can also import parcels from CSV, Linnworks and Volo.

Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to arrange a business account

Hermes offer business account to customers that send more than 150 parcels each week. That’s over 7800 parcels each year! To find out if your business qualifies for a business account, you can email Hermes allow you to sync your e-commerce, and hopefully m-commerce, platforms to your Hermes account. A Hermes business account entitles you to flexible pricing. Generally, the more parcels you send, the lower the price of your delivery. Hermes operate on a pay as you go system, or a credit account, depending on your preference. Parcels are tracked and you are entitled to £25 compensation should an error occur with your parcel. Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 if there is an issue with the delivery of a parcel that you have sent through your business account. Hermes provide all business account members with a special dashboard tool that provides insightful reports on your multiple deliveries. A dedicated account handling team is also on hand to solve any problems that may have occurred during your ownership of a business account. Over 1000 businesses use Hermes business accounts, amounting to 211 million deliveries per annum.

Fraud issue? Call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957

When using Hermes, you will never be asked to make an online payment by email, telephone or text message. Customers should be wary of any correspondence with Hermes that requests the entry of credit or debit card information, or that tells the customer they need to change their password. If you have received correspondence of this kind from someone pretending to be Hermes, call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to report the fraud. If you have entered details and need to cancel your card, call Www.Myhermes.Co.Uk Contact Number on 0844 043 3957 to report the problem and call your bank account provider to cancel the cards associated with your account, to report the fraudulent financial transfers and to prevent any further payments.

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