Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616

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Jan 25

Looking for HSBC Fraud Dept? Call 0844 770 4616

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more

Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616

Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616

HSBC is, measured by asset ownership, the largest bank in the United Kingdom, and the fourth largest bank in the whole wide world. Currently owning assets worth $2.67 trillion, HSBC originally started as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong in 1865, though they have now relocated their headquarters to London and operate as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, hence HSBC. Operating across the world, including countries such as Mexico, Iran and Saudi Arabia, this particular post focuses on HSBC customers in the United Kingdom. If you are an HSBC customer, you can call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 to speak to a member of their customer support team. Their team are on hand to solve any problem you may have had with your bank account, credit card or loan.

HSBC offer personal and business bank accounts to customers in the United Kingdom, with a variety of different options based on the customer’s particular requirements. This can include debit and credit card provision, banking and savings accounts, and insurance and investment. HSBC also provide loans and mortgages, both for personal and business customers. If you have an issue with making repayments on your loan or mortgage, you should call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 to explain the situation and discuss the possible solutions or ramifications. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling about your personal account or your business account, the contact number will put your through to an HSBC employee that can help.

Current account problem? Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616

A current account is usually your main bank account. It is the account that you withdraw money from, the one you use when making a debit card payment and, for most people, the account that receives your weekly wages. For these reasons, a current account is very important. Should you have had an issue with your current account, you can call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 to sort the issue out. Annoyingly, current accounts can be a little confusing, mainly due to the number of different options available to customers in the United Kingdom. HSBC offer a wide array of different current accounts, including options for graduates and students, young children and millionaires. Ex-Pats and new arrivals to the UK are also covered by specially designed accounts, as are businesses of all trades and sizes. If these specialised options seem too complex, HSBC offer the imaginatively titled “Bank Account,” the current account for basic day-to-day use.

Current accounts are designed to suit people in specific situations. For this reason, switching accounts as your situation changes can be financially beneficial. Examples include the switch from an under-18 account to a student account, and later to a graduate account. This doesn’t necessarily mean an account switch is based around a change in your age. The majority of accounts are situational, based on your earnings or the benefits provided by that account. Common additional benefits include increased overdraft limits, extra in-house support for your finances and international service. If you want to switch your current account, from one HSBC account to another or from another bank to HSBC, you can call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616.

Switch your current account with HSBC

HSBC are a member of the Current Account Switching Guarantee service, meaning the switch is totally free and HSBC will take care of a number of fiddly details. These include moving standing orders and direct debits across from your old account, transferring your finances (this includes your overdraft, should you be a little low on funds) and, for 36 months, HSBC will arrange for payments made to your old account to transfer across to your new account. If there are any problems with your account switch, call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 and they will be obliged to solve any issue. If the problem has resulted in you being required to pay a fee or charge of some kind, for example an unpaid direct debit, the bank must compensate you for the owed funds. Account switches take a minimum of seven days to complete and a switching date will be agreed with your new bank.

Traditionally, bank account switches are difficult processes, often so infuriating that a customer would rather stick with an inferior account than switch. However, the new Current Account Switching Guarantee is designed to simplify the process. If you have had any error, it is important to solve the issue quickly, as your current account is often the centre of your financial life. Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 if your current account switch has gone haywire. For a rundown of the accounts you can choose from, visit the HSBC website.

Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 about loans, mortgages and business borrowing

One of the most important services provided by banks involve the borrowing and lending of money. Loans are commonly used for a number of larger purchases throughout life, the most common of which is a mortgage. In most situations, property purchases require a mortgage, allowing you to pay for the cost of your property over a number of decades.

A mortgage is not a necessity to purchase property, but due to the high prices of property in the United Kingdom, it is often the only possible way of buying a house. Mortgages are available for property of all kinds, from your personal home to your business’ new offices. If you would like to learn more about purchasing a mortgage with HSBC, you can call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 to speak to a member of their money lending team. They will be able to explain the ins and outs of purchasing property.

Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 about mortgages

HSBC provide mortgages for customers of all kinds. Whether you are a first time buyer, expanding your portfolio or you’re a property tycoon, HSBC offer mortgages that should suit your situation. Customers can also re-mortgage their property with HSBC and borrow more. Domestic and international property purchases are supported by HSBC and, if you are not currently a resident of the United Kingdom, you can use the HSBC expat team to buy a home in the United Kingdom. To speak to the expat team, call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 and request the specific department. Mortgage costs and rules can vary based on the property you are purchasing and your current financial situation.

You will be required to pay a deposit on the property you purchase. The deposit will be larger for more expensive homes. When making a mortgage application, customers can select from fixed, discount and tracker rates. You are also able to choose from Capital repayments or interest only. You are also able to choose a period of repayment, with many mortgages lasting for a couple of decades. HSBC will be able to take you through the application process, so do not worry if certain phrases are making little sense. You can use the HSBC Jargon Buster page to learn the lingo, or you can call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 to receive further information about applying. Applications may be rejected based on the bank’s opinion of whether you can afford the mortgage or the cost of the property that you have agreed with the seller.

Finding a manageable mortgage is important as missing repayments can result in the repossession of your property. For this reason, it is wise to be careful when securing other debts against your property. To calculate the cost of your mortgage and find out how much you can borrow, use HSBC’s mortgage calculator, or call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 for further information. If you think you will be unable to make your repayments and are worried about losing your house, contact HSBC as soon as possible to find out what arrangements you can make to protect your property. You can also visit the Citizens Advice Bureau for impartial, free financial advice.

Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 about personal loans

If you would like to take out a personal or business loan, you can do so with HSBC. They provide a number of different forms of personal loans in an effort to suit various customer needs. Sometimes it can seem like these loans do not differ too much, meaning it is often a good idea to visit a branch of HSBC and speak to a loan manager in person, or to call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 for further information. An HSBC personal loan is available for customers applying for sums between £1000 and £25000, with a repayment period of 1-8 years, depending on how much you borrow. The APR charged on a personal loan changes when you borrow more than £15000 from HSBC. The HSBC premier personal loan works in a similar way to the standard personal loan, though APR is unchanged from sums between £7000 and £25000. HSBC provide a graduate loan to people who graduated less than five years ago. The graduate fee APR is unchanged from £5000 to £25000. HSBC also offer flexiloans, higher interest loans that are paid back over a shorter period of time, often a matter of months.

All loan applicants must be a UK resident and over the age of 18. For the personal loan you must have a current account that can process direct debits. For the premium personal loan, you must be an HSBC premium current account holder. For the graduate and flexiloans, you must be an HSBC current account holder. For a little more info, call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616.

Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 about business loans

If you run a business, you can apply for a business loan from HSBC. The loans on offer are small business loans, repayable over a period of 1-12 years, and flexible loans, repayable over a period of 1-20 years. A small business loan can be between £1000 and £25000 and interest rates are fixed for your repayment period. An HSBC current account is not required. Flexible business loans are available for limited companies applying for loans over £10000. Repayments can be made monthly or quarterly, with fixed and variable rates available. You can call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 to apply for a business loan or to receive support should you have an issue with the repayment process. As a business, you are also able to apply for a commercial mortgage, as mentioned above.

Problem with your personal or business credit card? Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616

If you own a credit card, either for personal or business use, you may have had an issue with payments or billing. Credit card issues are important to solve; like loans, a missed payment can incur large fees and interest can mount up quickly, if not tended to. To make a stitch in time and save nine, you can call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 to solve any credit card issue you may have had. Common problems include missed balance repayments and unrecognised payments, though other times it can be a simpler matter, such as requesting a credit card for company use.

A corporate credit card can be used to keep expenses in check. It centralises your various payments, making those expenses claims easier to process. Multiple cards can be applied for, allowing your company to pass corporate cards out to your most important executives, making the wining and dining of potential clients a lot simpler.

Making an insurance claim? Call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616

HSBC provide a number of different insurance policies to customers in the United Kingdom. These include car, travel and housing insurance, in addition to life, student and, most importantly, pet insurance. If you are lucky enough to possess items worth over £80000 in total, you can also purchase high value home insurance. These insurance policies are designed to deal with the bank’s highest priority, risk. If you would like to purchase a policy or you would like to make a claim, you can call HSBC Fraud Dept on 0844 770 4616 to speak to a member of their insurance team.

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