Call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440

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Feb 03

Looking for Lloyds Business Phone Banking? Call 0844 576 0440

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more

Call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440

Call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440

Lloyds Bank is a long running chain of commercial banks that provides a range of important banking services to customers in the United Kingdom. From 1999 to 2013, Lloyds operated under the name Lloyds TSB, though Lloyds and TSB have been divided as part of the UK government’s post-crash restructuring and rescue package. This short guide focuses on the various services provided by Lloyds and how to contact them. It does not provide information on TSB banks and how to contact their customer service team.

If you are a Lloyds account holder, you can call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440 to speak to a member of their customer support team and receive telephone assistance for a whole host of banking, mortgage and loan problems. There are a large number of Lloyds banks in England and Wales, and customers in Scotland are able to visit Bank of Scotland branches in order to complete any in-house banking requirement they may have. There are currently around 16 million personal and small business Lloyds accounts in the United Kingdom.

Whether you’ve had a problem with your current account, your business account, you have had an issue making repayments on your personal loan or your mortgage, you can call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440 to solve the issue. It is often important to solve issues with your bank account as soon as possible as, due to interest rates and charges from missed payments, it is easy for problems to mount up. If you have an issue making repayments, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau to obtain free and impartial financial advice.

Personal account problem? Call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440

The most common service provided by Lloyds is personal banking. A current account provides customers with an almost necessary service in the modern age. Your current account is the place where wages are sent, the account to organise direct debits through and the account that you withdraw money from. These are general assumptions made from the average use of current accounts, actual use may differ based on particular circumstances.

Lloyds provide a range of different types of current accounts, suited to the various needs of their customers. These include classic accounts, designed to provide customers with the standard current account experience: a place to pay into and withdraw your cash from, an account for direct debits and your monthly wage. To apply for a classic Lloyds current account, simply call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440. There is also a Club Lloyds current account, an account that offers increased interest rates. The Club Lloyds account is free to customers that pay in at least £1500 per month; if you pay in less, a monthly fee of £5 will be deducted from your account.

Lloyds are a member of the current account switch guarantee group, making it easy for customers to switch to a new current account provider. While in the past it was a hassle to change banks, the current account switch guarantee makes the process much easier. Your new bank is responsible for switching across your funds and direct debits, and are required to complete the transfer within seven days. Your new bank will also send across any payments your old account receives for a period of 36 months, meaning you will not miss out of any payments scheduled for your old account for a total of three years. In this time, you are advised to change any reference to your old account to your new one, preventing issues arising when the three year period is over. If you have had an issue with a direct debit not transferring across or you have not received a payment made to your old account, you can call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440. Lloyds are financially responsible for the cost of any unpaid direct debit or untransferred money. If you believe the account transfer process is to blame, get in touch with Lloyds, as long as they are your new account holder!

Customers can also open a Lloyds Silver Account, a current account that costs £9.95 per month. This account gives the customer AXA European and UK travel insurance, in addition to AA breakdown cover and roadside assistance. Your mobile phone is also covered, protecting your from theft, loss, damage and broken hardware. You must be aged 18 or over to apply for a Silver Account.

A Platinum account cost £17 per month and provides all the benefits of a silver account, with more of an interest free planned overdraft. Student accounts are available to UK students, entitling you to a large planned overdraft and a Lloyd Bank Student credit card. To apply for any of these accounts, or to find out more information, call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440. You can also apply for a graduate account, a similar account to the Student account, with the added benefit of being able to apply for a graduate loan. You are able to apply for a graduate loan when you have had a graduate account for three months, though your application will also need to be accepted.

You can set up a current account for your children with Lloyds by opening an under-19s account. This account provides interest and a cashpoint card for your child to use when out and about. Lloyds also provide an Islamic bank account, an account that allows you to manage your finances in accordance with Shariah law. This account provides no credit or debit interest and money that you store with Lloyds will not be used for any interest based activity, nor for any activity that is against Shariah law.

Finally, there is also a Club Lloyds private banking account, available to customers with a gross income of at least £100,000 or have savings/investments totalling in excess of £250,000. This account provides the owner with a private banking manager, an exclusive debit card and access to a series of exclusive assistance options. For more information on any of the above current accounts, call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440.

Credit or debit card problem? Call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440

Lost or stolen credit cards

Credit and debit cards are popularly used as a simple payment method, though they can cause users to run into a few common problems. Frequent credit card issues involve the inability to pay the monthly minimum repayment and unrecognised payments on your monthly statement. Common debit card issues include forgotten PIN numbers and lost or stolen cards. If you suspect that your credit or debit card has been fraudulently used, you should call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440 as soon as you can. Contact Lloyds will allow you to cancel your card, preventing future fraud payments. You will also be able to notify the bank that certain payments are fraudulent and you will be able to go through the refunding process.

Apply for a credit card

To apply for a credit card with Lloyds, you can also call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440 to learn more about the process and how you can apply. Lloyds provide a variety of different credit cards that are tailored to suit different customer needs. Cards tend to differ on how long your balance transfer period, the percentage of the balance transfer fee and how long the purchase rate offer lasts for. If you are a student, you are also able to apply for a student credit card that allows you to start building up a credit history.

Call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440 to solve your mortgage problem

Lloyds provide a range of different mortgages, designed to suit the property purchasing needs of a range of different customers. It is important to find the correct mortgage plan as your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up with your mortgage repayments. If your financial circumstances have changed and you will not be able to pay for your current mortgage plan, you can call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440 to discuss remortgaging plans or the other course of actions available to you.

First time buyers

If you are hoping to buy your first property, you can apply for a first time buyer mortgage with Lloyds. Lloyds provide a number of different assistance tools for first time buyers, making it easy to understand the property purchasing process. These tools make it easy to understand how to apply for a mortgage, the size of the deposit you would have to pay; Lloyds offer support throughout the process, helping when offers are accepted and letting you know what you need to do next. For more information on first time buyer mortgages and what you will need before you apply, call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440.

Moving home

If you already have a mortgage but would like to sell your house and move somewhere else, you can do so by working with Lloyds. Generally, the mortgage process does not change too much. Deposits are usually required, you are able to borrow a specific amount and you will generally need an agreement in principle to start looking at properties. To find out how much you can borrow and how much your monthly repayments will cost, you can use the Lloyds mortgage calculator. This tool will let you know this important information, allowing you to plan around your financial circumstances, though using the tool to find a suitable mortgage plan does not mean you have an offer from Lloyds. While the tool can be used to find a plan, Lloyds are the sole arbiters of whether or not you receive an offer for a mortgage.

Remortgage and additional borrowing

If you currently have a mortgage and need to remortgage, you can do so with Lloyds. This can be due to a change in your financial circumstances, it can also be due to Lloyds offering a better mortgage deal in comparison to your current plan. You can speak to a mortgage adviser by calling Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440, their mortgage team will be able to explain the current options available to customers looking to remortgage. You can also call to discuss additional borrowing, a loan that is added to the cost of your mortgage.

Business banking, call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440

Whatever the size of your business, Lloyds can provide a suitable business bank account. Lloyds offer a range of bank accounts, including accounts for businesses with a turnover below £1 million, businesses with a turnover between £1 million and £25 million, and companies with turnover in excess of £25 million. The current account switch guarantee applies to business accounts too, making it easy to switch to a new bank.

You can call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440 if you have had a problem with your business bank account, allowing you to solve any issue quickly. Lloyds offer sector focused bank accounts, with special accounts for farmers, healthcare, property, manufacturers and franchises, among a few other industries.

Having a Lloyds business account can make it easier to apply for a commercial loan or commercial mortgage through Lloyds bank. Lloyds also provide a number of forms of support for businesses going through tough times. These financial support services provide companies with access to the business management team. You are able to discuss your various financial obligations with the management team and will be able to figure out how to manage your various repayments.

Customers are also able to use the business resource centre, a news and insights feature found on the Lloyds website. Businesses that bank with Lloyds are able to use their economics and market insights and view various case studies. Call Lloyds Business Phone Banking on 0844 576 0440 to find out more about what Lloyds can provide for your business, or to solve an issue you have had with their service.

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