Call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463

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Jan 20

Looking for Santander Tel No? Call 0844 770 7463

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call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463

Call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463

Santander are a bank based in the United Kingdom, owned by the Spanish Santander Group. They are one of the most popular personal finance companies and are one of the largest providers of mortgages in the United Kingdom. From 2007-2010, Santander was the lowest ranked bank when it came to customer service. Since then, Santander have improved their record and customer satisfaction has risen.

What banking services do Santander offer?

Santander offer a number of different services for customers, as is expected from a bank. Customers can order credit cards, open current accounts and ISAs, apply for insurance, loans and mortgages as well as receive savings and investment support. As well as personal banking, Santander offer business and corporate bank accounts. Santander business accounts provide assistance for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to SMEs, new companies to established veterans. Companies can open current accounts, borrow money and receive financial aid. You can also set up business account cards, manage payments made to your business and open savings accounts. You can call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 to find out more about opening an account with Santander. Santander offer a range of different accounts, depending on the size of your business. For medium to large businesses, Santander offer corporate accounts, providing large lending, international banking and finance management for companies with a turnover of £50 million or more.

Call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 to discuss personal current accounts

Santander provide a number of different current accounts to customers, in an effort to provide a useful package to customers of all kinds. Their most popular account is the 123 current account, a bank account that pays cashback on selected household bills as well as paying interest. The 123 account requires a monthly payment of £5. While you are required to make a monthly payment, it can be a price worth paying if your interest pays more than £5 each month. Santander offer a 123 calculator on their website that allows customers to figure out how much the account will cost or save each month. If you want to find out more about 123 current accounts, you can call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 to enquire and potentially open a 123 account. Equally, you can also call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 to report an issue with your 123 current account. Common issues can include problems with interest and cashback payments. Interest and cashback on the 123 account can be somewhat confusing as certain requirement need to be met. To receive cashback, you need a minimum balance of £1,000 and the account must be funded with a minimum of £500 per month. You also need at least 2 active direct debits. Monthly interest is currently 3% variable AER, payable up to £20,000 when you have at least £3,000. To find out more about 123 cashback and interest, call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463.

Santander also offer everyday, student, basic and children’s accounts, in addition to choice current accounts. Each of these forms of current account are designed to suit certain customer needs. Student and graduate accounts provide overdraft cover and a free 4 year 16-25 railcard. Everyday accounts are standard accounts, you can make and receive payments and have access to a standard debit card. Choice accounts require a monthly payment of £10, but prevent you from being charged for any unarranged overdraft fees. You can compare the range of Santander accounts on the Santander website.

Credits cards? Call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463

There are a number of different options for customers hoping to apply for a personal credit card with Santander. Customers can apply for a 123 credit card, a card that allows you to earn cashback when you spend at supermarkets, department stores and when you buy petrol and train tickets. There is 0% interest on all purchases and balance transfers for 23 months, and there is no balance transfer fee. To use the credit card, you must pay a monthly fee of £3. Terms and limits do apply to the 123 credit card. If you have had a problem with your 123 credit card, such as an unexpected charge or you have been overcharged interest, you can call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 to discuss the issue and explore the possible solutions.

Santander also offer a standard Satander credit card, a card that can be used for both small and large purchases. Customers are able to spread the cost across 15 months with 0% interest. You also do not need to pay a monthly fee and there is no balance transfer fee. To apply for a Santander credit card, you must be a permanent UK resident who is aged 18 or over. Customers need to agree to a credit check and have an income of £7,500 or over per annum. You’ll also need a good credit history, with no county court judgments or history of bankruptcy. For more information on applying for a credit card, call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463.

Lost or stolen Santander credit cards

If you have lost your credit card or believe it to be stolen, or you have been a victim of fraud, you can call Santander on 0800 9123 123. If you are abroad, the number is +44 1512 648 725. Alternatively, you can call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463. Lines are open 24/7 for fraud and theft issues, allowing you to cancel your card should you have noticed suspicious activity on your account or cannot find your card. There is a credit limit on credit cards provided by Santander. To find out your balance and credit limit, and to increase or decrease your credit limit, login to Santander online banking or call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463.

Problems with Mortgages? Call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463

Santander are one of the largest mortgage providers in the United Kingdom, offering a range of options to customers with different requirements. Whether you are a first time buyer, a buy-to-let veteran or a large scale property mogul, Santander can provide mortgages to suit your needs. If you have a mortgage with another bank but would like to transfer to Santander, you can find out more by calling Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 or by visiting their website and searching for information about the transfer process. If you visit the mortgage section of the Santander website, you will notice a large notice in capital letters that informs all visitors that houses will be repossessed if you do not keep up with your mortgage repayments. Santander mortgage applications are based on a number of factors. The sum that Santander lend is based on your financial circumstances and the property you hope to buy. Depending on your income and the property you are buying, you may have to pay a larger deposit. For more information on purchasing a mortgage, call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463.

Monthly mortgage repayments and rates of interest are based on the Bank of England’s base rate, which can vary as changes are made. The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy committee meet every month, though the base rate has remained at 0.5% since March 2009. If you have a base rate tracker mortgage, your rate will rise and fall as the Bank of England make changes. Standard variable rate mortgages are not directly linked to the Bank of England’s base rate, but may change as a reaction to changes to the base rate. Fixed rate mortgages do not change. To find out what type of mortgage you have, call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463.

If you are an existing customer, you can work with Santander to find new deals, borrow additional sums, or you can make changes to your current plan. If you are moving home, you can use Santander to manage your current mortgage and find a new one.

If you are worried about being unable to make your mortgage repayments, you should contact the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Money Advice Service, National Debtline or StepChange Debt Charity. Each of these organisations are free to call and can offer advice to anyone suffering financially. You can also call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 to discuss your situation, though bear in mind that calls to this number are not free.

Call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 for loan support

Santander offer personal loans, with sums ranging from £1,000 to £20,000. Customers can choose to pay back the loan over a period of 12-60 months. The amount that Santander offer will be based on your personal circumstances. This includes looking at your income and your credit history. You can calculate the cost of your loan repayments by using the Santander 123 loan calculator. To learn more about applying for a loan, call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463. You can apply for a Santander loan if you are aged 21 or over, have an annual income of at least £6,000, you haven’t been declared bankrupt, had a CCJ or IVA in the last six years and you are a permanent resident of the United Kingdom. You also need to have a bank or building society account with a direct debit option.

Apply for a Santander ISA by calling Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463

ISAs are savings accounts that provide customers with a high interest return on their use of the ISA. There are plenty of rules and regulations that govern the use of ISAs, mainly due to the high interest rate that they provide, and that the interest paid on a cash ISA is tax free. The annual ISA limit for 2015/2016 is £15,420, though this information may change as the government make adjustments to the national interest rate. There are a number of different Santander ISAs to choose from, including fixed rate, direct savers, easy, stocks and shares, help to buy and junior ISAs. To find out more about cash ISAs, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463.

Had an issue with your business or corporate account? Call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463

Santander offer a variety of different accounts for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Current accounts for businesses are specialised to the turnover of your business, with specific accounts offered to start-ups, established businesses, client management accounts and corporate and commercial accounts for medium to large size businesses.

As a company, you are also able to borrow from Santander, with the bank offering financing loans up £25,000 and commercial loans and company mortgages over £25,000. For more information about applying for a loan for your business, or to learn more about commercial mortgages, call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463. They also offer Asset Finance that assists companies that lease certain items. Business overdrafts can range from £500-£25,000. If you make a payment that exceeds your overdraft, the payment will not be completed and you will be charged the £15 unpaid transfer fee.

Companies with a Santander bank account can apply for a corporate card that can be used to make payments from the company’s bank account. If you own a Santander card and suspect that you have been a victim of card fraud, you can call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 to report the suspicious payment and cancel your card. You are also able to purchase an insurance policy for your business that can cover public liability, start-up protection, professional indemnity and employers’ liability protection. There are also insurance options for specific business trades, policies that will cover your surgery, office, shop and van. Call Santander Tel No on 0844 770 7463 to purchase an insurance policy or make a change to your current policy.

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